All PHP errors
in one place.

Consumerr is lightweight PHP error monitoring system with super fast and easy installation.

We help you to create an error-free applications and make your life more happy.
Consuming bugs is our meaning of life.
We are currently running invite-only beta programme.

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How Consumerr works?

1Install observer

Consumerr Observer is a small PHP library that has to be loaded at the startup of your app. You can do this via composer or manually.

2Monitor your app

Everything is monitored. Consumerr monitors a lot more than errors: background jobs, acesses, memory, response time and more and all these is represented in beautiful charts.


Be noticed about errors first. Consumerr can let you know if there's anything wrong with your app. Once you check the backtrace and other data, decide who's responsible for the fix and assign this problem to your team member.


Easy setup

Keep it stupid, simple. That's our motto. To run Consumerr all you need to do is download it, include one file, edit the app token and you are good to go!

Responsive reports

Consumerr reports are responsive so you can check them from your desktop, tablet or mobile without any experience glitch.


You can be notified when your app's Apdex or error rate goes below the critical limit. Solve all issues before the client calls!


Consumerr's API is really straight forward, so there won't be any problem to integrate it to any framework or system. We are working on integrations for other languages as well!

Tiny bugtracker

We've integrated small bugtracker to Consumerr. Delegate each bug to your team memebers and check if it was fixed or not.

Reports and statistics

Are you a statistic freak? Do you prefer pie chart instead of apple pie? Want to measure every possible value? Wll, you will fall in love with Consumerr then :)


* Changes may apply. All accounts will be moved to FREE plan once beta closes.


Please, leave us your email and we will send you an invitation once we will have one.